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Hi Matt Thanks for taking these photo. I was in that plane crash. Such great memories. I got a few photos but there are just of us with the coast guard holding pieces of the plane that had broken off.

Daniel stedman
01/03/11, Monday
Wow Matt I am overwhelmed. I look forward to anything you post from our Antarctic trip. Your attention to detail is superb and the colors are amazingly authentic. I wish you all the luck and greatest success. Nice work. Keep it coming.

Brent Houston, United States
05/12/09, Tuesday
I was station at the Radar Site on Santa Rosa Island 1954-56 and did not realize how beautiful it was in the ocean around us ! Thanks for allowing us to share what you saw below the ocean around our island.

Dusty Helbling, United States
11/09/08, Sunday
Some excellent photos, really enjoyed looking. THANKS =]

PAUL, United Kingdom | homepage
01/09/08, Wednesday
You have some wonderful photographs you obviously have plenty of patience and a real talent. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. Mick

Mick, United Kingdom | homepage
11/26/07, Monday
Matt this is one of the best galleries Ive seen of all the DDI group. Really nice work you have posted here !!! Michael

Michael Sullivan, United States | homepage
05/03/07, Thursday
Very good pictures, great sense of composure, also I am grateful for the technical details always attached... a big help... keep up the good work ! Roy

roy brooke, United Kingdom
04/16/06, Sunday
Matt, your photos are amazing! We dove together last year in Provo, you dove with my dad Gary. I was just gathering up my log book and came across the piece of paper where you wrote this site down. We are heading back to Turks in a couple days....Hope to see you down under one day soon! I look forward to seeing more pics!

Mirelle Soren, Canada
12/16/05, Friday